Innovative. Reliable. Fixed. Aluminum or uPVC, as individual as your wishes. Whether for thermal insulation, protection against burglary or noise - our windows will fit your personal needs. All options allow free choice of design: from the classic white, in natural wood decor to the impressive uni colors.

Noise insulation, energy saving and security, combined with individual design tailored to every kind of home. REHAU windows, doors and conservatories offer you much more than a view of outside.
  • Energy Efficient Windows

    Choosing the right replacement windows can help make your home more energy efficient and reduce heating costs. Our window systems can achieve an 'A' rating (A rated windows) - the highest energy rating and when installed with the appropriate glazing unit, double glazed windows and window systems can also accommodate triple glazing which can help towards Passivhaus standard and improved noise reduction.

  • Enhanced Security

    Security for you and your home is paramount, so all of our window systems are made of only the highest quality uPVC and have been designed to provide rigidity and strength. This allows the highest performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms to be fitted to your double glazed windows. All windows and door systems can comply with PAS 24, the standard governing enhanced security enabling them to achieve Secured by Design (SBD) certification.

  • Acoustic Performance

    Double glazing is well known for its ability to reduce outdoor noise levels and new windows manufactured from REHAU profile can help bring down the noise levels in your home by as much as a half.

  • Your windows. Your style.

    The windows not only contribute to more light and comfort in your home, but also shape its outer appearance. Give your home an individual character. We will provide you the opportunity to configure your windows to your taste. In classic white or bright blue - thanks to our wide range of shapes and colors of your imagination has no limits. With more than 220 color shades certainly not a wish that will not be met. In our portfolio you will find not only universal colors with smooth surfaces, but also exquisite scenery of wood or hard tones with structured surfaces. Individual forms such as round or triangular windows will reveal many architectural possibilities. Large or small, with one or two wings, inclined or not - you can configure your windows completely on your own.

Casement windows are the most popular style of replacement window in the UK - an extremely versatile window that will suit most homes where-ever you live. Featuring fixed panes, top opening fanlights and side opening lights, casement windows can be combined to create an almost limitless range of styles, whilst providing the benefit of noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency.

Casement windows

Bay and Bow Windows are an elegant and attractive external feature in any property, whilst internally they create a sense of space and light. Bay Windows are created using Casement windows which are connected using a strong, structural bay pole assembly or corner posts (for square bay windows) and are available in a range of finishes and colours.

Bay and Bow Windows

Designed to replicate traditional timber box sash windows, uPVC sliding sash windows will provide you with a traditional looking one combined with the numerous benefits of uPVC.

The REHAU Heritage system has been developed following extensive consultation with conservation bodies and as a result sliding sash windows manufactured from the system are the most distinctive and authentic-looking uPVC sash windows available on the UK market

Sash Windows

Tilt and turn windows offer a simple, contemporary and stylish solution to suit modern properties, together with the benefits of noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency. Tilt and turn windows offer simplicity and versatility - providing the option of the window tilting inwards or being fully opened inwards. This flexibility provides you with secure ventilation and ease of cleaning from within your home, along with making Tilt and turn windows an ideal solution where there is restricted space outside making outward opening a hazard and providing an effective fire escape.

Tilt and turn windows

Creating the perfect colour scheme for your home doesn't have to stop at the interior decoration - now you can choose a colour scheme for the uPVC windows and doors in your property, creating a different aesthetic affect with a wide range of colours and finishes.


The front door is set to high requirements: it must suit the optimal design of the house or apartment and be simultaneously convincing in terms of thermal insulation comfort and security. Offering a range of stylish options our doors are built to last and combine sturdy construction with a superb finish. Entrance doors offer you choice and versatility - whether you are looking for a glazed door, a door with a composite slab, a PVC panel door or a stable door they can all accommodate the latest high performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms making your uPVC door safe and secure. Available as open-in and open-out styles our uPVC Door systems are fully compatible with all REHAU window styles ensuring a high quality, consistent finish throughout your whole home.

Front Door

A French Door is a charming addition to any home or conservatory. The extensive opening allows unrestricted access to your home as well as maximum ventilation and practical entry into your garden or patio.
Offering all the benefits of modern uPVC including noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency, our French Door is available in open-in and open-out styles and with equal or non-equal split panes.

French Door

A Sliding Patio Door has classic good looks with a maximum glass area which optimises visibility, making it a perfect choice for conservatories, balconies, porches or extensions.

Sliding Patio Door

The Bi-fold door is a sophisticated door system which meets the demands of almost any property, enabling you to choose the number of panes to suit your needs.

Dependent upon the size of the opening you can have up to a maximum number of 7 panes, with the master door being located on the right or left side providing you with complete flexibility.

Sliding Patio Door

Country cottage, or period property, barn conversion or bungalow, large or small space there are a huge variety of uPVC Conservatory styles to suit every home, taste and pocket. A Conservatory will provide you with a room to relax, dine or play combined with the appeal of being outdoors with the comfort and convenience of being inside - all year round. With styles ranging from traditional Victorian, classic Edwardian, particularly light and airy Gable End to the more contemporary Lean-to sunrooms - we are sure that you will find a design that will bring new life and energy to your home. Whatever style or combination of styles you decide on, your Conservatory will be tailored to your individual needs creating your own ideal space.

uPVC Conservatory

Glasses for all kinds of aluminum and uPVC windows and doors. Variety of glass with different characteristics and thermal properties. Different types of ornamental, colored and tempered glass satisfying all customer requirements. Special glass designed depending on the location and purpose of the windows.

An important indicator in the selection of glazing is the degree of insulation. It is influenced by the type of glass, the thickness of the glass, and the distance between the panes.

The insulating glass consists of more parallel placed glass. In the windows of the new generation, resulting in better thermal insulation, triple glazing is applied as standard. The space between the panes is filled with gas (usually argon or krypton) the effect of isolation is very large. The glasses are separated from each other with spacers made of aluminum, steel or plastic. The empty spaces of these spacers are filled with moisture absorption material.

Glass doors and showcases

We offer high quality glass windows and glass doors for shops, offices, public buildings and avant-garde addition to the dwelling. Glass windows are widespread today and are virtually everywhere. In developing them can choose the type of glass that can be made according to customer wishes and future load, which will be subjected. The Showcase of your store (or other objects) can be made of tempered glass, triplex or usual, but thicker glass.

Tempered glass is subjected to further processing thus its strength qualities repeatedly increase. Showcase of such glass can be broken with difficulty. Triplex is a relatively new material that is gaining popularity because of its excellent performance and beautiful visuals. It is obtained by multiple sheets of glass bounded by resin. From this derives its considerable strength. Very good choice for making glass window. The most economical option is the use of standard, bold glass as the basis for glass showcase.

The facade shop windows are made mainly of glass 10 mm, 10 mm hardened doors with floor machines and aluminum frames that can be in different colors.

From a security perspective it is also preferably Stained glass to be toughened or extra foiled with anti-shock foil. In some cases, the windows can also be made of 12 mm toughened or triplex glass, two glasses of 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm depending on the size and effect to be achieved.

Glass windows are suitable for facial facades of shops and domestic bordering offices and restaurants.

As a finishing element of the entire look of the window is a choice of handle glass door that can be chromed, matte, combined stainless steel with wood, elongated, curved and other.

Glass windows are architectural solution for the completion of the entire vision of the store, combining its elegant design with functional layout of the facade.

Systems railings

We offer different types of railings to our customers so they can secure their staircases and balconies in the most qualitative way.

Aluminum railings with glass are undoubtedly one of the most attractive and simultaneously quality products that we offer to our clients. Traditionally aluminum is firm and reliable, and after some decoration and combination with other materials it can become extremely stylish and elegant. Just so are all the railings, to work utilizing glass and aluminum.

We offer a variety of glass railings, which are suitable for balconies and staircases of the house. When buying a particular model railing clients always are guided by different types of considerations. Putting railing is not necessarily always related to the safety of the stairs.

Accessories AL and uPVC doors and windows

Bulplast company has a wide range of accessories AL and uPVC doors and windows.
Different types of handles, locks, cylinders and hinges - a completely sufficient choice that will make the vision of your home unique and in line with your wishes.
Whether you bet on aluminum or PVC window system, you can add to insects film, exterior and / or interior window sills, better hardware, exterior shutters, interior horizontal or vertical blinds.
All customers have different preferences and because of this the following "extras" should be announced before the preparation of the tender or contract before starting our production.

  • Aluminum facades - Etalbond

    Etalbond Aluminum panel (etalbond) is specifically designed for interior and exterior cladding of buildings.

    Because of its unique structure representing non-toxic polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets, it is extremely durable bending. Thanks to this characteristic to the aluminum panel is particularly suitable for external walls. Moreover, its functionality is underlined by its light weight.
    The aluminum panels do not deform, they are resistant to high winds. Designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions. Furthermore they minimize the risk of alkaline, salt spray corrosion, which appears as a result of temperature changes or prolonged influence of ultraviolet rays.
    They are therefore suitable for implementation of facades of office buildings or commercial premises.
    The old buildings acquire modern look thanks to the aluminum panels.

  • Glass curtain walls

    Glass curtain walls Glass facade is a classic alternative to standard brick walls.
    The access of the sunlight and playing with different levels of brightness of the rooms are increasingly used to implement various architectural solutions.
    The transparency of the facade is provided by large glass panels supported by small apparent width. At the same time the necessary stability and reliability of the structure is assured too. Glass facades can be worn aluminum, mild steel or PVC profiles or a combination of these materials.