For each step in the manufacture of windows there are specially adapted machines that shrink the risk of poor quality production to a minimum. We are equipped with the most advanced technology and production lines, where processes and operations are automated and coordinated with each other.
Windows and doors are supplied with specially adapted cars so as not to damage or scratch. The profiles are taped which depicted the logo of the manufacturer, which serves to protect the windows from scratches.
Installation of windows and doors
To maximize the useful life of the windows it is necessary to perform quality installation. Improper installation is one of the main reasons for the sag of the woodwork, leakage or better insulation.
It is necessary to prepare the work area: to provide free access to the window remove curtains, cover all furniture and electrical equipment if it is possible to move to another room. This is because the removal of old windows is associated with workspace and dust pollution. Then, the new frame is inserted into the opening. The frame is plumb in elevation and windage. The plastic window is fastened to the wall by anchor bolts or by means of metal anchors which are attached to the frame.

Then begins sealing of joints (jointing foam) begins. This procedure requires precision and implementation of quality materials. Because windows hinges of foam anchor bolts or clamps serve mainly to avoid deforming the frame after expansion of the foam. The difference between the frame and the wall is filled with dense foam with tiny pores that expand its volume 8 times. UV foam loses its properties (color changes, the volume and gradually began to crumble), so you need to plaster the openings.
Windows replacement
Inserting Resistant frame- Resistant hardware gives much more security to your home. It provides protection against professional criminal tools and is recommended to be mounted lower and accessible windows.
Adjustment or change in frame- long busy operation is possible in some fittings to manifest difficulties at work. This can be expressed in sagging and difficult open or close the window. We will repair it by adjustment of the casing or in more serious cases by changing the HARDWARE whole mechanism.

Installation of biaxial opening mechanism- without problems be replaced with uniaxial biaxial mechanism of opening upon request. In older installed windows biaxial mechanism was not as widespread as it is today, so much of the windows can be open only one wasp. No need to be aware of this fact and at your request we will take care your windows can be opened on both axes.

Change seals - may occur some defects seals, especially when it comes to older windows. We provide fast changing with new seals, made with the most modern and high quality materials
Glass replacement
Nowadays replacement glazing is done fairly quickly and easily. All window systems allow quick and easy removal of the glass and replacement with another without damaging the windows. Before you design a new glazing is necessary to make the right measurements. We have a wide variety of glass that can deliver exceptionally fast to replace broken / faulty glass. Not required serious activities such as dismantling or breaking windows.
Exterior facades
Suspended facades are elegant, efficient and modern architecture office and other public buildings, conservatories and atriums, offering intelligent design of the exterior of the building. With the possibility of a variety of systems, the customer receives a high level of thermal insulation and hydro isolation thanks to the specially designed drainage systems.
Construction and assembly works
Quality performance of all types of construction and assembly works.
Construction works are all kinds of activities and works carried out during the construction of a building or construction site.
Our craftsmen and specialists have experience with all types of construction work. They work quickly and qualitatively "team" to achieve optimal results.
For us it is important to have an orderly and coordination in carrying out the construction works so that individual teams not to interfere, but to work together or sequentially where necessary. That allows us to work quickly but without compromising the quality of performance.